Subaru Electric Crossover Will Be Co-Developed With Toyota

Subaru Electric Crossover Will Be Co-Developed With Toyota

Yesterday, the automobile division of Japanese conglomerate Subaru Corporation announced its intentions to electrify the whole lineup by 2035. Taking into account that the EVs will take a significant part in the market, the time is right to draw such a move. Also, during the same technology briefing which take place in Japan, the company revealed the first design studies of a brand-new Subaru electric crossover.

Moreover, this EV will be co-developed with another Japanese automotive giant – Toyota. We can expect to see the all-electric crossover on the streets before 2025. Although the briefing shows the clay-build full-size mockup, the concept provides more than enough info. So, with no further ado, let’s see what we can expect from the upcoming Subaru-Toyota electric vehicle.


Subaru – Toyota Electric Crossover – The Design

The Subaru-Toyota electric crossover reveals its sharp edges and more angular design language that we’re used to seeing on similar vehicles. But, this concept follows the popular EVs trend – the front grille is removed from the design. However, you can see a set of faux air intakes on the sides on the fascia.

Also, the same feature can be found along the lower side of the bumper. Furthermore, noticeable are the two darkened-out areas, which will carry the headlight on the real model. As for the cabin, the Japanese carmaker wants to go with a spacious interior as possible. As a result, the windshield is pushed far forward.

Moreover, the roofline is very flat. So, we assume that the second-row headroom will be generous as well. But, of course, this is just an early concept. There’s always a possibility that the car looks very different once it hit the streets.


The Partnership

The two Japanese automakers declared a new, extended collaboration. This partnership will result in numerous projects, mainly in the department of electric cars. Also, two companies will try to improve autonomous driving, as well as the connected technologies. Furthermore, Subaru-Toyota will co-develop the next-gen of the 86/BRZ sports vehicles.

Also, the renewed partnership means that Toyota will raise its stakes in Subar from 17% to 20%. Vice versa, Subaru will take a small stake in Toyota as well. In addition to the forthcoming 86/BRZ sports cars, the companies will develop AWD models, which “offer the ultimate sensation in all-wheel driving”.

On top of that, there will be a joined development of a platform for battery-electric cars. This architecture will combine Subaru’s AWD expertise with Toyota’s electrification knowledge and experience. As a result, Toyota’s hybrid system will be included in more Subaru vehicles.

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