Renault Morphoz A True Transformer

Renault Morphoz – A True Transformer

The Renault Morphoz was scheduled for a public debut at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. Well, we all know how that went down. Still, the French automaker reveals to the audience their newest electric model. As you can tell by its name, the Morphoz won’t be typical EV. Oh, no. Not at all. According to the company, this model “blends attributes of a saloon, SUV, and coupé into unique design optimized for efficiency and ease.”

Also, this shape-changing crossover offers Artificial Intelligence, Level 3 autonomy, and an all-electric powertrain. The electric powertrain is based on a brand-new CMF-EM platform, which already underpins a couple of company’s EVs.

On top of that, the Morphoz provides a 249-mile range in a compact crossover version, and 435-miles range in midsize crossover variant. Yep, this EV can change its shape, to fit the passenger’s need. Let’s find out how.


Renault Morphoz – It’s Morphin’ Time

Certainly, the most interesting part regarding the Renault Morphoz is its ability to physically and technologically change between modes, depending on the situation. The CMF-EM platform set up the batteries beneath the floor in the back, providing a low center of gravity, and a short hood. As a result, the cabin is longer and the dash can be pushed forward when you need more storage space. Also, this will affect passenger space as well.

The rear will provide better legroom space, and the comfort will stay on the highest level. On top of that, the Morphoz don’t have the transmission tunnel. So, that will additionally increase the legroom area. Well, let’s talk about transformation. The Morphoz EV can transform into two different modes – City, and Travel.

The City mode is shorter, while the Travel variant is longer of the two. In City mode, the vehicle is 173.2-inches (4.40 meters) long, with a wheelbase length of 107.5-inches (2.73 meters). This model includes a 40 kWh battery and a driving range of up to 249 miles (400 km). That’s more than enough for the every-day urban and suburban drive. On the other hand, in Travel mode, the vehicle becomes 189-inches (4.80 meters) long, with a wheelbase length of 115.3-inches.


The growth allows accommodation of the additional battery capacity, and even more roomy interior. So, in the Travel mode, Renault’s EV provides a 90 kWh extended battery pack, with a total driving range of 435 miles (700 km). Well, let’s explain the process a bit. The Morphoz elongates and transforms into the Travel mode, at a pre-determined battery station.

There, the undertray of the car opens, and an additional battery can be installed very quickly. Likewise, at the next station, the driver can stop and convert the configurations and batteries again.


The Design

When it comes to design, the upcoming Renault Morphoz will be a trendsetter among electric vehicles. The exterior design embraces the company’s Family Petal strategy and acts as a harbinger of the brand’s new electric generation. Moreover, the dramatic bodywork blends an Ivory Gold metallic finish with Electric Yellow details. This combination perfectly contrasts with the gloss black of the cabin.

The model will include a unique C-Shape light signature, which will also be used on Renault’s future electric cars. Furthermore, you’ll notice a backlit badge, active air inlets on the front bumper, and closed-off radiator grille. Besides, there’s a pair of vents on the hood, to cool down the vehicle’s main computers.

The cabin comes with a futuristic steering wheel, with a 10.2-inch display in the center. The dash is highly customizable, while the interior allows face-to-face seating configurations. Of course, with the exception of the driver.


When Will the Renault Morphoz Be Available?

Well, that’s conclude everything we know so far of the upcoming Morphoz EV. Unfortunately, the French automaker didn’t provide any info regarding the planned release date or the price.

For now, the EV is still in the concept phase. But, be sure, we will come back again with more information about this extremely interesting vehicle.

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