Hyundai Prophecy EV Will Be Revealed At Geneva Auto Show

Hyundai Prophecy EV Will Be Revealed At Geneva Auto Show

The South Korean automaker recently teased its striking electric sport sedan, which will make a debut in March at Geneva Motor Show. The brand-new EV will be known as Hyundai Prophecy. According to the company, the Prophecy represents Hyundai’s ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ design language and delivers an eye-catching silhouette. Furthermore, you’ll notice the rear fascia of the EV, which includes a dedicated light bar extending from the decklid.

Also, a pair of vertical brake lights fused into the bumper, and a concept’s wheel arches are equally attractive. However, the Prophecy concept goes off the beaten tracks, and don’t follow the traditional EV fashion. To quote the head of Hyundai Global Design Center, “The Prophecy’s iconic design stands to expand Hyundai’s design spectrum toward even broader horizons.”


Hyundai Prophecy Design, and World Premiere

The upcoming Hyundai’s concept is dubbed Prophecy, to define the course the future of the company’s design and preferences. Moreover, the design language will establish recognizable styling of the future Hyundai’s EV lineup. But, it remains unknown if the South Korean automaker will put the concept into production.

The Hyundai Prophecy will make a debut at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show. The company will also introduce its electrification strategy under the concept of ‘Real Progress is in the Air”. The concept’s teaser comes after the company announced its partnership with the EV startup Canoo. The main goal is to develop an all-electric platform based on scalable skateboard design, which will be used on Hyundai and Kia electric vehicles in the future.


Hyundai and Canoo Startup Partnership

The South Korean automaker announces that it joined forces with the Canoo startup and built an all-electric platform. The Canoo’s side of the partnership will provide engineering services to meet the needs of the Kia and Hyundai electric vehicles. Although the Canoo is a relatively new name in the industry, it already makes a name for itself.

The main product of recognition of the startup is its proprietary skateboard design. The Prophecy concept will carry that design as well. According to the Hyundai, the Canoo platform will also underpin some of the more traditional EVs. Likewise, the platform will underpin Hyundai’s Personal Built Vehicles (PBVs).

Moreover, by using the skateboard architecture, the company will be able to reduce the costs of the EV development. Hyundai stated that the Caboo develops its innovative EV architecture with impressive speed and efficiency, which makes the startup a perfect engineering partner. To quote the head of research and development at Hyundai Motor Group, Mr. Biermann: “We will collaborate with Canoo engineers to develop a cost-effective Hyundai platform concept that is autonomous ready and suitable for mass adoption.”

All in all, the future is bright for these two partners. We expect that the Hyundai Prophecy will make excellent results. The success of this model could be a spark that will lit Hyundai’s electric program. The EV market is expanding rapidly, while new companies and startups appear each day. For example, there’s a growing electric pickup market, and even the mainstream companies shifting their focus to this class.

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