Fisker Ocean Off-Road Version Coming Soon

Fisker Ocean Off-Road Version Coming Soon

The development of the Fisker Ocean Off-Road model is in the final stage. Despite the outbreak of coronavirus, the company continues to work on an upcoming EV. The off-road version will be introduced shortly after the regular electric SUV. We had a chance to see a couple of official renderings of the arriving models.

The off-road electric Ocean comes with a more aggressive stance with just one goal to achieve – to fulfill the needs of customers on harsh and unpredictable terrains. Therefore, a bullbar is added to the front bumper and the refined hood carries the spare wheel.

Furthermore, the electric off-roaded offers wider tracks, larger side skirts, and a roof rack with integrated trail lights. As for the backside, the design will stay the same. The main difference is the heavy off-road tires instead of the regular wheels.


Fisker Ocean Off-Road Will Be A Very Useful Vehicle

If you wondering what’s the deal with the United Nations lettering on the doors, Henrik Fisker has an answer. According to the founder of Fisker Inc., the Ocean Off-Road electric vehicle is perfect for international organizations, such as the UN.

Thanks to the low center of gravity and wide track, it delivers additional stability and makes this EV a perfect sustainable utility vehicle. Likewise, Fisker Ocean Off-Road can be used as a zero-emission military transport vehicle.

Furthermore, Mr. Fisker stated that the extreme utility variant will be revealed in 2021. Besides the potential usage of the military and the international organizations, it will be available to regular customers as well.


Driving Range, Battery

The announced Fisker Ocean Off-Road version will use an 80 kWh battery pack, which provides more than 300 miles (483 km) of driving range on a single charge. The off-road variant will include the same fast-charging system as the regular model. According to the company, the charging time will take approximately 30 minutes.

However, it’s still unknown will the off-road variant will include the same driving modes as the regular model. As you probably know, Fisker Inc confirms the partnership with Electrify America. This cooperation will provide access to the open DC fast-charging network in the United States.

For our readers that might not know what is Electrify America, it is an organization established back in 2017. This organization owns and runs a network of EV charging stations across the country. Electrify America is part of the Volkswagen Group of America. So, in a way, the Volkwagen tries to counterbalance emissions, after that famous scandal.


Fisker Ocean Off-Road Performance, Price

The starting price of the regular Fisker Ocean is around $37,000. But, we expect that the off-road version will start slightly higher. Still, this model will be one of the most affordable on the market. Besides the attractive price, the upcoming electric Ocean will offer similar performance as expensive Tesla models.

The total output will be over 300hp, which launch the vehicle form 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. The company plans to launch the off-roader in 2021. We will come back on this review with more info regarding the upcoming model when Fisker Inc announce the official date and price.

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