First Electric Cadillac Is Almost Ready For a Debut

First Electric Cadillac Is Almost Ready For a Debut

Recently, we hear some rumors concerning General Motors and the possible development of a fully-electric lineup. However, the company confirmed nothing about the topic at the time, so most of the automotive magazines let that news slide. But now, GM’s vice president of electric and autonomous programs Rick Spina claims that the first electric Cadillac is almost ready for production.

During the interview with The Detroit Bureau, the vice president said that the EV would probably debut in 2021. Still, Mr. Spina didn’t reveal much of the upcoming model. So far, all we know about the electric Cadillac is based on the preview from the North American International Auto Show. Therefore, we expect that the crossover will come with a freshly-developed modular platform specially build for future EVs.


Electric Cadillac Platform and Design

The forthcoming electric Cadillac will be built on the platform, similar to Volkswagen’s MEB. The new architecture will underpin a variety of electric vehicles with different dimensions and shapes. Also, the new platform will support front-, rear-, and all-wheel-drive setups. Still, most of the details are unknown at the moment. The company stated earlier that the electric Cadillac would “hit the heart of the crossover market and meet the needs of customers around the world.”

Moreover, the upcoming model will offer a high level of luxury and innovations. So, expect to see a highly- stylized vehicle with a fully enclosed grille, flanked by triangular air intakes. The exclusive design language will be noticeable in the back of the crossover, as well.

The crossover will have a sculpted hood and energetic bodywork, with prominent shoulder lines. On top of that, GM’s designers will add a hidden door handles, to maintain a clean and simplistic style. The forthcoming electric crossover will add large alloy wheels, plastic body cladding, and a stylish rear pillar.


General Motors Electric Vehicle Program

In the next three to seven years period, General Motors will shift its focus to electric vehicles. The company plans to introduce 20 electric cars by 2023. The first one might be the electric Cadillac crossover. So, with the fully-electric fleet, GM will be able to compete in every segment, not just in the luxury class.

Furthermore, the company’s CEO confirmed that the electric pickup would be released in late 2021. It might come as a Hummer, but the in-depth info is not yet revealed. Likewise, the company will present a Hummer SUV in 2023, and an electric GMC pickup truck in the same period.

As most of our readers can probably recall, back in 2017, General Motors presents a strategy of producing at least 11 EVs. That strategy includes small, compact, and large crossovers, and some coupe models as well. Most of the automotive audience is still very suspicious of the EVs.

But, in the interview mentioned above, the vice president said something exciting. As he described, it is more affordable for the company to go from the conventional electric motor to a more potent one than it is making a comparable jump suing internal combustion powertrains. As a result, customers might get more powerful vehicles without spending too much money.

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