2020 Is The Year of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles Will Dominate in 2020

According to some automotive experts and analysts, the upcoming 2020 will be the year of the electric vehicles. The main reason for that belief is the announced models from almost every major European carmaker. On top of that, Tesla is already preparing new vehicles, as well as Asian companies.

Moreover, data firm IHS Markit claims that the number of EVs on the European market will jump significantly by the end of 2020. Also, this trend will continue in the years to come. Also, electric cars will rise in sales as well, and it is expected that sales will jump from 319,000 units in 2019 to 540,000 in 2020.


New Emission Rules In Europe

The European car manufacturers will face a selection of new rules, which come into law on January 1. The new rules will penalize companies if average carbon dioxide emissions from their cars pass 95g per kilometer. Therefore, if the vehicle exceeds this limit, the companies will pay a fine of 95 euros ($105) for every gram over the limit, multiplied by the total number of units sold.

However, this rigorous rule won’t affect the sales ratings of electric vehicles in Europe. One of the main reasons is that European companies strongly lobbied for a rule that involves EVs with less than 50 g of carbon dioxide. Such vehicles will be eligible for the so-called super-credit. Meaning, every electric car sold actually counts as two vehicles.

As a result, it makes a lot easier for companies to achieve their emission targets, without any aggressive build-ups pf the production. Still, the upcoming electric EVs like VW ID.3, Vauxhall Corsa-e, or Mini Cooper SE will provide more affordable choices to ICE-powered competitors.

Electric Vehicles To Check Out In 2020

Volkswagen ID.3

The third-generation of Volkwagen’s compact electric car comes with a price range of under $34,200 (30,500€). The ID.4 SUV will follow the same path as the compact ID.3, sharing the same platform. Also, the world’s largest automotive company claims that the production of these vehicles will be carbon neutral.

Vauxhall Corsa-e

Besides the Mini Mini Cooper SE, the Corsa-e is the first of the UK’s continuing best-sellers model that will get an electric edition. The base and the core elements will be the same as on Peugeot’s e-208, the PSA Groups’s another one of the supermini squad.

The Vauxhall Corsa-e will have an estimated driving range of 209 miles. The release date is scheduled for April 2020, and the starting price will be £26,490 ($34,803/31,100€).


Tesla Model Y

Tesla announced that they working on a compact SUV, named Model Y that will accommodate seven passengers. Moreover, the company claims that the new model will be built in the Tesla battery plant in Berlin. Model Y will provide a driving range of 230 miles. The starting price will be around $39,822 (35,600€).


Ford Mustang Mach-E

The forthcoming Mustang Mach-E will make an impact on the growing family-friendly SUV market. This model will be the first all-electric vehicle from the famous American automaker.

According to the company’s reports, in 2020 Ford will explore new sources of power and continue to develop electric vehicles. The base model, called “Select” will have a starting price of $43,900 and an estimated driving range of around 230 miles.

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