Corsair Grand Touring – Lincoln’s Brand-New Plug-In

Recently, Lincoln expand its crossover SUV roster with the smallest model – the Corsair. Now, following the exact path as the Aviator before, the Corsair gets a plug-in hybrid version – the Grand Touring. The company will try to approach the younger buyers that don’t need three rows or anything like that.

Instead, Lincoln Corsair will offer a refined, extremely comfortable, and luxurious cabin. Also, under the hood is a 2.3-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces around 260 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. With that amount of power, Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring will be one of the most powerful vehicles in the segment.


Engine, Driving Range and Charge

Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring will use a 2.5-liter gas unit in combination with two electric motors. The total output is targeted at 266 hp, but that’s not officially confirmed at the moment. However, the expected all-electric drive range is 25 miles.

Still, the company claims that the plug-in hybrid will be able to travel “more than that.” How much more, we don’t know. Also, Corsair Grand Touring will use an electric AWD that sends electrical energy to the rear wheels, supplementing the gas-powered front wheels. The company claims this is the first time that such technology is used in the compact crossover class.

Moreover, the upcoming Corsair Grand Touring includes both level 1 and Level 2 charging systems. So, when you connect the vehicle to a 110-volt household outlet, the charging process will take approximately 11 hours. But, if you choose the 240-volt socket, the charging time will take only 3 hours.


Corsair Grand Touring Driving Modes and Design

Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring will ensure full creative freedom to the customers, to pick and choose what they desire and tailor the vehicle by its taste. The seven offered drive modes will help in that mission. The five available drive modes are identical as on regular version – Normal, Conserve, Excite, Slippery, and Deep Conditions. But, the electric Corsair adds two more – Preserve EV and Pure EV.

The Preserve EV holds back the electrical power or allows the motor to charge the battery up to 75 % while driving. The Pure EV runs solely on electrons, as much as possible to keep the vehicle in motion. Similar to the gas-only equivalent, the Corsair Grand Touring offers the right amount of standard and additional equipment.

That includes features such as the Lincoln Co-Pilot360 safety suite, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, and a premium 14-speaker Revel audio system. The exterior will get brand-new prominent grille, while the standard wheels will be a unique 20-inches.


How Much Will It Cost?

All in all, Lincoln Plug-In is a bit of fresh air on the plug-in hybrid market. Still, we afraid that the price will turn away the majority of the potential buyers.

Although Lincoln did not confirm the official price yet, we assume that it will be very close to the $60,000 mark. Of course, with the additional equipment and whatnot, the total cost will probably go over $65K.

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