BMW X8 M45e What To Expect

BMW X8 M45e – What To Expect

Recently, we heard certain rumors regarding the development of the BMW X8. According to the BMWBlog, the upcoming model will be an M Performance hybrid variant of the X8. The new model will be called the BMW X8 M45e, and it will bring the inline-six engine also. However, we still wait for the official confirmation from the company regarding the production of the X8 model.

At the moment, even this vehicle is far from production, not to mention the M performance variant. According to the report, the German company will combine the familiar 3.0-liter inline-six powertrain with an electric motor.

Nothing special, this is the same configuration that you’ll find in most of the hybrids. Furthermore, this setup should be able to produce around 400 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque. Besides, we expect that this type of combination will provide a more extended electric range as well.


How Will BMW X8 M45e Look?

The same source mentioned that BMW X8 M45e would borrow some design cues from the X6 and X7 models. However, the upcoming vehicle will carry a more distinctive look with unique shapes and prominent kidney bean grille. Recently, this type of grille become one of the trademarks of BMW vehicles. Also, some rumors claim that the X8 will have a similar platform to its teammate, the X7.

Frankly, we don’t think that such a thing is possible. When BMW X8 M45e hits the streets, it will probably be the priciest and most luxurious model of the German carmaker. The company is planning to introduce three models – the regular X8, X8 M45e, and X8 M.

But, we already mentioned that the M performance version is still years away from production. When it comes out, it will most likely use the company’s twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine, the same one from the X6 M. The twin-turbo mill produces 600 hp.

Release Date

All we know about the potential production of BMW X8 M45e is based on personal info or reports. If the company is planning to get with the production, the earliest possible release date will be late 2020 or the first quartal of 2021.

Even then, it could be a concept car rather than a street-ready vehicle. But, that refers to the regular X8 model. The X8 M performance version and X8 M45e will debut after that. That’s all we know so far, we hope that the company soon will reveal some in-depth information regarding the production BMW X8 M45e.

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