2022 Volkswagen ID.6 price

2022 Volkswagen ID.6 is Coming to United States

The upcoming 2022 Volkswagen ID.6 is coming to the markets. This model will firstly hit the dealerships in China under the “ID.6 X” name. This model is easy to recognize as it follows the footsteps of the ID.4 variant. However, ID.6 comes with larger exterior features and slightly different front fascia.

It is an all-electric crossover-SUV with a room for seven passengers. And while we know a lot of things, some parts such as interior design is still a mystery. On the other hand, performance specs are available, along with some other things. The sales will begin later this year, according to the latest reports.

Recognizable Exterior Design

 A new model has been revealed by China’s Ministry of Industry and Technology. The 2022 Volkswagen ID.6 will also arrive in the United States. Two models should be almost the same. The first details are showing the same design language that we can see on the ID.4 variant. However, ID.6 comes with larger headlights and revised front fascia.

This crossover wears a faux intake, while ID.4 model don’t. The rear section is also similar, but taillights and rear glass are slightly larger too. On top of that, ID.6 comes with a flatter beltline. The crossover also shows its plastic body cladding, flush-mounted door handles, and sloping roofline.

2022 Volkswagen ID.6 dimensions

Volkswagen ID.6 Dimensions

According to leaked documents, the new 2022 Volkswagen ID.6 will be 192 inches long. Its wheelbase is 116.7 inches long. Thanks to that, ID.6 is about 11.5 inches longer than the current ID.4 variant. On top of that, the wheelbase is 7.8 inches longer. Thanks to that, Volkswagen made a roomy crossover-SUV with three rows of seats and a room for seven persons. We can say that the ID.6 is a family-friendly seven-seater SUV.

Power, Driving Range, Charging

From what we know, the new 2022 Volkswagen ID.6 will deploy an electric motor that generates 200 horsepower. This comes as no real surprise as the ID.4 model uses the same rear motor/generator. However, the ID.6 SUV will surely offer an all-wheel-drive variant with a dual-motor setup. Total output will be rated at around 302 horsepower. Battery capacity is not revealed yet. However, it will be the same 82 kWh battery pack that provides 250 miles of driving range in the ID.4 version.

Of course, ID.6 will provide a lower range because of its size. This model will deploy the same MEB platform. The architecture allows fast charging so you can charge your crossover from 0 to 80% in about half an hour. We don’t know how many trim levels Volkswagen plans to offer, but more details will become available in the coming weeks.

2022 Volkswagen ID.6 specs

2022 Volkswagen ID.6 Release Date, Price

The German manufacturer will introduce its all-electric crossover-SUV later this year. Most likely, the sales will begin in the last quarter of 2021 and the price will surely start at $50,000 or even higher.

This model will firstly hit the dealerships in China, before becoming available in the United States. The German manufacturer will reveal official details soon, and the interior is a complete mystery at the moment.

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