2022 DS 4 price

2022 DS 4 is the Brand-New PHEV

The DS is a newcomer in the automotive industry. Its 2022 DS 4 model will hit the dealerships by the end of the year. The manufacturer released the first details and DS 4 will mix daring design with the French luxury expertise, the brand said. This model will ride on a new EMP2 architecture. This platform can accommodate different powertrain options, including all sorts of electrification. The new model will firstly arrive in the United Kingdom.

It will arrive in a compact hatchback form and it will provide a lot of luxury. First spy photos are available, along with a couple of teaser images. The DS 4 model will feature Matrix LED Vision headlights, unique bumpers, a lot of chrome accents, and special exterior paints. At this moment, we know a couple of things regarding the brand-new DS 4 so check it out.

Light Platform

The upcoming 2022 DS 4 will ride on a brand-new platform. It is the EMP2 architecture that uses hot-pressed elements and it is a surprisingly light structure. According to DS, this platform will meet the regulations and consumer impact standards.

It is important to say that the vehicle’s weight won’t be compromised at all. Besides that, the manufacturer will offer a bond-welding and new steering system. The new suspension is also in the works and DS guarantees great ride comfort and superb handling.

2022 DS 4 release date

What About DS 4 Specs?

As we said, this new platform is made with electrification in mind. Thanks to that, the new 2022 DS 4 model will hit the roads with a plug-in hybrid powertrain option. DS will deploy a turbo-four engine that develops 178 horsepower. An electric motor will generate 108 hp. However, this output will produce 225 horsepower combined. Not all the specs are available, but the hybrid version will feature an efficient battery. This battery pack will provide 31 miles of all-electric driving range.

2022 DS 4 spy photos

Interior Looks Futuristic

The interior of the 2022 DS 4 will look very modern and futuristic. For a start, a massive head-up display is in offer. It is a 21-inch unit that provides key vehicle information. The “Iris” infotainment system is also available, and it will provide a lot of personalization and phone integrations. Of course, gesture and voice recognition are a part of the system.

New Smart Touchpad sits on the center console and it looks to Audi’s pad. This pad supports handwriting recognition and much more. The Interior looks futuristic and unique. DS will also provide a brand-new ventilation system. Lastly, DS 4 hatchback will provide various radars and sensors. According to DS, this model will feature a certain level of autonomous driving.

2022 DS 4 interior

2022 DS 4 Launch Date

The price of the brand-new 2022 DS 4 is not available yet. However, we know that this modern hatchback will hit the dealerships later this year. We expect to see it around November. Until then, DS will reveal more details and we are hoping to see an all-electric version in the near future as well. The sales will start in the United Kingdom.

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