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2022 BMW X8 is New Coupe-Like Crossover With Hybrid Power

It was a matter of time. The 2022 BMW X8 is almost ready. It is basically a two-row coupe-like fastback crossover model based on the X7 three-row SUV. The X8 nameplate will join the small X2 and compact X4 and the mid-size X6 variants. All three models are offering sloping rooflines aka fastback. On the other hand, X8 comes with a more aggressive slop.

While it uses the same architecture and powertrains, a hybrid variant will be the “real deal.” The design language is recognizable and the new X8 looks truly stunning. Interior is full of luxury, which comes as no surprise. It is a very exciting model that will also offer the X8 M high-performance version as well.

2022 BMW X8 price

BMW X8 Spy Photos, Renderings

 First spy shots are already here. The 2022 BMW X8 showed its new looks, but camouflage still hides some exterior parts. Luckily, new rendering images, based on the spy photos are available. Clearly, X8 is based on the X7 model. Yes, BMW did create some controversies with the new grille. But, the X8 model shocked us with the brand-new polarizing headlights.

The headlamps are positioned lower in the front fascia, so we are not dealing with the split-headlights or anything similar. The taillights are looking closer to the units on the X6 model. We are waiting for the camouflage to come off, and we hope the X8 model won’t arrive with the oversized grille.

2022 BMW X8 design

Interior Based on the X7 SUV

The interior won’t significantly depart from the X7 SUV. Thanks to that, we know how the 2022 BMW X8 will look on the inside. Luckily, the X7 model looks very premium and modern, so X8 will be another luxury model. For a start, BMW will deliver plenty of high-quality materials and luxurious amenities. The manufacturer also offers perfect trims and a high level of comfort. And while the X7 is a three-row SUV, the X8 will ditch the third row and it will offer a room for five.

A 12.3-inch infotainment display comes as standard and BMW will offer the newest version of the iDrive. Stuff such as wireless charging pad, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will be in the offer as well. While we are waiting to hear more info about this new fastback crossover, BMW will surely deliver high-end trim levels and much more.

2022 BMW X8 interior

What About Engine Lineup?

The spy shots are clearly suggesting a new 2022 BMW X8 with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. However, this model will also offer two nonhybrid powertrain options. Of course, the lineup is borrowed from the X7 SUV. A turbocharged inline-six engine with 335 horsepower will be standard. A 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 unit will be standard in the M50i variant and it will develop around 523 horsepower.

The X8 M is a rumored high-performance version that will generate up to 617 horses. As for the plug-in hybrid powertrain, not all of the information is available. The X8 PHEV will surely reach the American shores and it will be an output taken from the 745e sedan. This sedan comes with a 3.0-liter engine and an electric motor. It generates 389 horsepower and 16 miles of all-electric range.

2022 BMW X8 Launch Date, Price

The upcoming 2022 BMW X8 will hit the dealerships by the end of 2021. Its price is another mystery, but some experts are predicting $80,000 as a starting price. On the other hand, the range-topping trim level will cost up to $125,000.

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