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2022 BMW i4 Will Ride on the New CLAR Modular Platform

The forthcoming 2022 BMW i4 is an all-electric sedan and is one of the most exciting models in the segment. BMW promises a practical model with high-end luxury, impressive styling, and new-gen technology. The approaching i4 is a four-door sedan, and it will deliver strong performances. The new model was spied recently, and some things are much clearer now.

The prototype with an RWD system looks closer to its original i4 Concept, which is no surprise. The German manufacturer will offer different battery sizes, and range-topping models will provide a standard AWD setup. The sales will start later in 2021.

2022 BMW i4

2022 BMW i4 Exterior Details

The first spy shots are clearly showing an RWD 2022 BMW i4. This sedan will ride on the new BMW Group’s CLAR modular platform that underpins the current 7-series. The architecture is flexible, and it supports internal-combustion, hybrid and all-electric powertrains. Styling-wise, BMW i4 wears the brand’s latest design language.

BMW dropped the sheets, and we are looking at the i Vision Dynamics concept. The production model really looks like the concept and is aesthetically pleasing. The styling is impressive, and this model will arrive with four doors. BMW promises practicality and one of the best designs in the all-electric sedan segment.

Interior Rumors

We know a little about interior design. The 2022 BMW i4 will undoubtedly feature a luxury cabin with plenty of high-tech amenities. By looking at the concept, the i4 sedan will feature a flatter dashboard instead of a curved dash. Displays are a mystery at the moment.

However, BMW will surely deliver larger units in order to keep its sedan competitive. A new infotainment system is a must, along with numerous safety aids. Leather upholstery will be offered as standard, and i4 will offer plenty of room and a high level of comfort.

2022 BMW i4 side

2022 BMW i4 Range, Battery Capacity

The 2022 BMW i4 sedan will use an 80-kWh battery that delivers a range of 373 miles. However, this battery will be available in the range-topping trim level. On the other hand, the entry-level model will arrive with at least 250 miles. The battery is more compact on a kWh basis than the brand’s previous batteries. However, it is still a robust thing with 1,212 pounds.

The i4 sedan can be charged via a 150-kilowatt fast charger that delivers an 80-percent charge in half an hour. Lastly, BMW i4 will use the motor at each axle, and it will deliver 523 horsepower. That should be enough to make this sedan sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just four seconds. The top speed has been rated at 120 mph.

2022 BMW i4 rear

Price and Release Date

While the price is not revealed yet, the new 2022 BMW i4 will cost between $45,000 and $50,000. This sedan is around a year away, and it will most likely arrive in the second half of 2021.

Interestingly, the sedan will cost more than the i3 hatchback that costs $44,000. What about the Tesla Model 3? Tesla is still offering an affordable Model 3 that starts at $35,000. BMW will sell its new sedan in Europe and the United States.

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