2021 VW Vizzion Autonomous Driving

2021 VW ID VIZZION – The Fully-Autonomous EV

2021 VW ID VIZZION concept vehicle represents the future of autonomous driving. The Volkswagen EV was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, back in March of 2018 with production plans for 2021. This model is built on the MEB electric vehicle platform and combines voice/gesture-control technology with artificial intelligence software.

Furthermore, this striking sedan shows us what level of transportation we could achieve in the next ten years or so. The 2021 VW ID VIZZION comes with a 111-kWh battery pack. It will provide around 300 miles of driving range, while the two electric motors produce 302 horsepower.

What’s New?

2021 VW ID VIZZION is the company’s first-ever EV built without a steering wheel or pedals. So, everywhere you can think that the concept car could go, it will go completely autonomous. Also, this digital chauffer feature wouldn’t just navigate or steer. It will recognize passengers and automatically adapt the interior elements such as climate control or music to their likings.

Moreover, this feature communicates with the world around by projecting the image of crosswalk lines in front of the vehicle. This way, the pedestrians know that they pass in front is safe. In the same manner as the first three IDs. EV concepts ( the ID, ID CROSS, and ID BUZZ), 2021 ID VIZZION will preview a model scheduled for production shortly. However, the ID VIZZION concept from Geneva shows a vision for the future when Level 5 full-autonomous driving becomes available.

2021 VW ID. VIZZION Design

2021 ID VIZZION concept offers a brand-new, smooth progression of the VW electric vehicle design language. The main goal is to eliminate seams and obstacles for passengers, from doors without B-pillars to the window glass. Furthermore, the LED light strips surround the vehicle, from the front grille to the sides, door handles, and rear fenders. The lights pulses when the car recognizes one of its passengers, via face recognition technology. Besides, the headlight is made from 8,000 HD Matrix LEDs.

The cabin comes with a wheel-and-instrument-panel-free dashboard. Moreover, the only protrusions you’ll find are the two footrests for the front passengers. Volkswagen’s EV is made to be controlled by voice and hand gestures, which makes everything a lot easier. On top of that, the passengers will enjoy the integrated augmented reality glasses, which display vehicle date.

Furthermore, for those that still need a true sense of control, the company adds two knobs on the center panel. The main role of these knobs will be to turn stereo up or down. The EV vehicles progress each day enormously. So we won’t be surprised if soon the fully-autonomous vehicles achieve some extraordinary level. Let’s say something that we could only dream of couple of years ago.



2021 VW ID. VIZZION, like all MEB-models, will come with an all-wheel-drive with electric motors on the front and rear axle. The total output of this configuration is 302 hp.

Moreover, the 111-kWh battery pack will provide a driving range of around 300 miles. The ID. VIZZION comes equipped with ultrasonic sensors, front/rear radar sensors, cameras with a 360-degree view, and laser scanners.

2021 VW ID VIZZION Release Date

2021 VW ID VIZZION should come out by the start of the next decade. The company is planning tho introduce all of these ID electric vehicles, more refined and production-ready in the near future. Also, the German carmaker hopes to develop a fleet of 20 full-electric cars until 2025.

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