2021 Tesla Pickup Truck Is Coming

2021 Tesla Pickup Truck Is Coming

The well-known CEO of Tesla Elon Musk confirmed via his Twitter that the long-awaited 2021 Tesla Pickup Truck will be released on November 21. The debut will take place in Los Angeles. The perfect place to see a vehicle like this for the first time. Recently, a couple of online auto magazines revealed the story of a potential release date.

But, until the official confirmation from Musk, nobody was sure that the pickup is coming. Although the release date is upon us, there is no much info regarding the Tesla Pickup Truck. According to the company, the target price will be under $50K.”You should be able to buy an excellent truck for $49k or less” to quote Tesla’s CEO.

However, we know that the design od the pickup truck will be polarizing, yet again according to Mr. Musk. The design will probably resemble a personnel carrier. A couple of months ago, Musk also referred to a personal transporter of the future in connection to the Tesla pickup. So, we believe that the upcoming vehicle will carry a similar design language.

The photo above shows one of many 2021 Tesla Pickup Truck concepts

2021 Tesla Pickup Truck Specs

According to the reports from Tesla headquarters, the forthcoming 2021 Tesla Pickup Truck will deliver more power than Ford F-150 and Ram as well. The company set a high bar with that announcement. But, we all know that they are always up to the task. The arriving truck will have a driving range between 400 and 500 miles. Yet, in the top-line version, that distance might go over 500 miles.

Of course, this beast will come with an all-wheel-drive setup, with a motor dor each axle. Also, Elon Musk said that the suspension would dynamically adjust according to its load. As you can expect, the all-electric truck will have a lot of torque. If our readers remember, Mr. Musk tweeted earlier this year that the Tesla Pickup Truck will be able to tow up to 300,000 pounds.

Furthermore, some additional features include an exclusive drop-down tailgate, 240-volt power outlet, 360-degree cameras, and sonar. But, we don’t have the info regarding the charging process, and how much time will it take. In the same manner, the production plans and availability as a mystery as well. At the moment, the only verified fact is the release date. The company needs to prepare the Model Y for production first. Besides, the Tesla Roadster and Tesla Semi are two more projects currently in the developing phase.

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