2021 Tesla Model X front

2021 Tesla Model X Guaranteed 325 Miles of Driving Range

The upcoming 2021 Tesla Model X is not only the greenest vehicles nowadays. It is also the fastest crossover SUV in its segment. Model X is very practical, and it comes with a standard AWD system. The interior is equipped with amazing high-tech features, and there is room for seven passengers. Its design is striking, especially with the Falcon Wing doors. Tesla offers two models, and both are offering over 300 miles of driving range.

Moreover, both variants are amazingly quick and are using a dual-motor setup. Despite its heaviness, driving manners and handling are quite impressive. Floor-mounted batteries are creating a low center of gravity, so even the stability is excellent. The 2021 Model X will go on sale later this year, most likely this fall.

2021 Tesla Model X

2021 Tesla Model X Looks Unique and Innovative

We could say that Model X started a revolution with its futuristic design that also looks unique and innovative. The 2021 Tesla Model X won’t suffer significant changes in terms of design. That means this crossover-SUV will continue with its modern appearance and impressive styling. Tesla Model X makes a real stand-out in the crowd, and on top of that, it looks premium.

For instance, door handles are finished in chrome, and wheels are providing a sportier look. Roofline looks perfect, similar to the roofline on the Model S. Unlike Model S, Model X comes with a taller stance and wider proportions. Tesla offers LED headlights, a blacked-out grille, Falcon Wing doors and 17-inch wheels as standard.

2021 Tesla Model X cabin

Stylish Cabin

Nothing will change on the inside as well. The forthcoming 2021 Tesla Model X continues with its unique interior design. The windshield/glass roof is our favorite cue you can find inside the cabin. This roof runs from the base of the hood over the front seats so you can see what’s going on ahead and above. On the other hand, some things are misaligned, such as panels and non-descript air vents. Considering the price, this has to be improved in the future.

Still, the high-tech department is superb. Massive infotainment touchscreen comes as standard, and it dominates the dashboard. Comfort is at a high level, and Tesla offers the latest systems. Besides Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, this SUV comes with the latest driver-assistance aids and much more. Let’s say that the Tesla Model X is one of the most tech-forward models in the luxury segment.

2021 Tesla Model X Engine

No matter which model you opt for, Model X comes with two electric motors. One motor at the front axle and one at the rear. This setup enables the standard AWD system. The 2021 Tesla Model X accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. As for its high-performance variant, it will need only 2.7 seconds to reach the same distance thanks to the Ludicrous Mode.

Tesla promised 325 miles of driving range. However, if you opt for the faster Performance model, the driving range will drop to 305 miles. Tesla’s Supercharges are located across the whole country, which is excellent. Charging at home via a 240v will be slower, but Tesla offers in-home charging equipment as well.

2021 Tesla Model X rear

Price and Release Date

As for the price, the new 2021 Tesla Model X starts at $86,000 for its Long Range model. Faster Performance version will cost up to $106,000. Tesla plans to release Model X later in 2020. Most likely, this crossover-SUV will arrive this fall.

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