2021 Tesla Model S Refresh

2021 Tesla Model S Refresh, Release Date and Price

The Tesla electric vehicles really shook the automotive world, ever since the debut of Model S back in 2012. The competition still struggling to catch up. Now, the upcoming 2021 Tesla Model S will increase that advantage even further. This 5-door liftback is really an impressive piece of engineering. The customers will be delighted with an estimated 335 miles of range, opulent interior, and a redesigned exterior.

Furthermore, the Performance trim offers exclusive Ludicrous Mode, that increases the acceleration. However, it adds an extra $20,000 to the price. In recent years, the rivals in this class are getting stronger, slowly but surely. The main competition of Tesla’s new vehicle will definitely be Jaguar I-Pace, Chevrolet Bolt, and Nissan Leaf.


2021 Tesla Model S Exterior

The second generation of the Tesla Model S will borrow some design cues for the second-gen Roadster. This vehicle was introduced back in 2017. The Roadster uses a five-door fastback body style, but it also includes a variety of sharp creases and cuts. That design brings a more aggressive and recognizable style. In the front, the fascia presents the 2021 Tesla Model S wide, and low stance, with few intakes and openings.

Of course, this is necessary to keep the EV engine cool. Moreover, the headlights are thinner than before, and they expand back into the front fenders. The lower elements for the housing provide the C-shaped design for the headlights, while laser lightning elements add forward illumination.

Also, the half hexagons bring a nice touch to the look as well. From the profile, the Model S looks very aggressive. The front overhang is short, while the rear end protruding from the axle. So, the exterior provides very appealing proportions. You’ll find well-rounded fenders upfront, and the rear fenders come up to meet the beltline.

The Tesla Model S rolls on plus-sized alloy wheels, with a range of up to 21 inches. On the rear side of the vehicle, you’ll notice the flattened Kammback style tail. The back hatch includes a large chunk of glass, while the taillights bind around the rear fenders. Moreover, the air vents are visible behind the rear wheels, as well as the chrome collector for the taillights.

Lastly, organic LED technology is available. This component allows the taillights to change color if the driver is braking, reversing, or indicating a turn. The dimensions of the 2021 Tesla Model S probably grow a little bit. That’s something you’d expect from the new generation.


The interior of the upcoming 2021 Tesla Model S brings all-new layout. Also, the cabin is more stylish in comparison to the bleak aesthetic of Model 3. Nonetheless, the cockpit offers plenty of design elements from the previous version, especially on the center console. There we can see infotainment hub with a huge digital screen. Be sure that all the vital user inputs will be noticed. For the moment, Model S comes with a 17-inch display. But, the next generation will probably come with 19-inch in the diagonal measurement.

Furthermore, the steering wheel screen is positioned left and right of the Tesla logo. The screen comes with touch-sensitive buttons for the infotainment system. The heated steering wheel is included, as well as the heated front/rear seats. Definitely one of the things that the customers will love the most is new Autopilot Feature. Surely, it will include full Level 5 Autonomous capability.

Also, Model S will offer a decent amount of storage space, with available both front/rear trunk for cargo. The all-electric five-door liftback vehicle can accommodate up to five adults, plus two children behind the rear bench. Standard equipment includes USB ports, stereo system with XM radio, smartphone app support, Bluetooth connectivity, and all the usual stuff.


2021 Tesla Model S Engine

The arriving 2021 Tesla Model S will have an electric motor installed on both axles and full-time all-wheel drive. Beneath the vehicle’s floor lies a battery pack, and brings in a low center of gravity, and equally distributed weight from front to rear. The driving range and acceleration will depend on the type you choose.

The base version’s battery, for example, provides up to 270-mile range. Moreover, the Long Range trim offers up to 335. The Longe Range version accelerates from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, while the Performance sprints from 0-60 mph in 3.0 seconds.

The maximum speed of the Performance trim will be around 155 mph. Also, the Performance Model S comes with Ludicrous Mode. This feature preheats the battery for maximum performance, and increase the acceleration. But, the Ludicrous Mode is for Performance trim only and comes with a hefty additional price of $20,000.


Release Date and Price

The forthcoming 2021 Tesla Model S Long Range will cost around $88,000, including a $1,200 destination charge. The more powerful Performance trim will come with a hefty price tag of $102,000. On top of that, as we mentioned earlier, the Ludicrous Mode adds $20,000 on the price.

So, with Ludicrous Mode included, fully equipped 2021 Tesla Model S Performance peaks over $130,000. The main competition of the Tesla S will be Jaguar I-Pace, Chevrolet Bolt, and Nissan Leaf. The release date is still unknown, but the automotive audience expects to see this vehicle by the end of 2020.

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