2021 Mercedes EQB Engine

2021 Mercedes EQB Spy Shots, Specs, and Release Date

2021 Mercedes EQB is a part of the company’s plan to produce eight EQ electric cars by 2023. As we saw in the leaked photos, the upcoming model will be something between the B-Class family vehicle, and Mercedes EQC crossover. But it’s an electric version of GLB-Class.

The almost finished exterior features tell us that the concept is practically production-ready. But the customers in the United States will have to wait until 2021. The arriving electric Mercedes will make a debut in the first quartal of 2020, but only for the European market.


2021 Mercedes EQB Spy Shots

Recently, we had a look at the leaked photos of 2021 Mercedes EQB testing comcept. The images revealed a slightly camouflaged vehicle during evaluations on public roads. As for the exterior design, the only feature that will distinguish this EV from similar ICE-powered vehicles is the updated grille-less fascia. Also, the remodeled front bumper with no space for exhaust pipes will be one of the recognizable design features.

Moreover, a set of more aerodynamics wheels completes the first exterior changes we noticed. The rear side will get similar treatment as well. The bumper is mainly designed to channel air far from the flat floor. The company’s trying to improve the drag coefficient rating.

The vehicle you see in the photos is a testing mule, which means that the Mercedes is close to the final design. We expect that the all-electric will be very similar to the arriving B-Class family car, at least design-wise. However, the EQB will be more spheroidal than EQA. As a result, the interior will offer more space for the passengers.


2021 Mercedes EQB comes as a substitute for the departing B-Class Electric Drive. But, the EQB is conceptualized as a full-electric car from the start; thus, it is designed to make the most of its eco-friendly engine. The EQB will be more solid around corners and won’t lean as much as the B-Class. Therefore, it will minimize potential road sickness or any trouble in passengers.

The new model will probably use the dual electric motor to send power to all four wheels. According to recent reports, the EQB will share the engine with the EQC concept crossover. So, expect to see a dual-motor system with a combined output of 268 hp and 368 lb-ft of torque. The box-shaped exterior will be perfect for storing sizeable 60-kWh battery, which should provide a driving range of 310 miles between charges.


2021 Mercedes EQB Release Date and Price

We see earlier in this review that the 2021 Mercedes EQB is pretty close to the final design. The shape of taillights and the headlight indicates that the company is preparing this EV for the production. We assume that the vehicle will be ready for the European market in the first few months of 2020.

But, the customers in the US will have to wait until 2021 to order this EV. The electric car is part of the company’s plan to introduce eight EQ electric vehicles by 2023. The upcoming EQB will fit right between EQA hatchback and EQC crossover. The expected price will start at around $58,000.

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