2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid Release Date

When Will 2021 Ford Explorer Hybrid Be Available?

The forthcoming 2021 Ford Explorer Hybrid is a comfortable SUV that offers comfortable cabin, great engine performance, and family-friendly features. The hybrid model can accommodate seven passengers, with plenty of room in each of three rows. The regular Ford Explorer will use a 2.3-liter 4-cylinder V6 EcoBoost drivetrain, that can generate 290 hp.

However, the hybrid version will add an electric motor in that equation. This combination will boost performance and improve the fuel-efficiency as well. As a result, the total output of 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid will be around 340 hp. The release date is scheduled for the second quartal of 2020.


2021 Ford Explorer Hybrid Styling

In the recent period, we had an opportunity to see a couple of upcoming 2021 Ford Explorer Hybrid photos. One of the good thing about the exterior is that it will maintain the perfect design language. Also, the interior will keep pretty much the same layout from the previous version. The front end will get a remodeled LED headlights. However, the grille and the bumper will keep the same design.

The new appearance is more aggressive and with more convex lines. Furthermore, the cabin is very comfy and nicely arranged. Unlike similar hybrid models, the new Explorer will not bargain with the cabin space. On the contrary, the new model is capable to accommodate seven passengers in three rows.

The legroom is generous, and getting in and out is easier than ever. On top of that, the tech features are improved, with a digital display and touchscreen infotainment touchscreen providing all of the necessary information.


Plug-In Hybrid Engine

The base model of Ford Explorer will use the 2.3-liter 4-cylinder V6 EcoBoost drivetrain. This engine can produce 290 hp ad 255 lb-ft of torque. However, the 2021 Ford Explorer Hybrid will use the combination of the V6 unit and a single electric motor. This mixture will improve performance a bit more.

So, the total output will be around 340 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. Also, one of the changes regarding the previous version is switching from the front to the rear-while drive setup. The main reason is that the rear-wheel-drive is the standard setup for police vehicles. The fuel-economy numbers are still unknown, but the rumors from the web say that the Explorer hybrid will see a 40 percent boost in fuel-efficiency.

The base model makes 24 mpg. We can assume that the plug-in hybrid version will be capable to return around 42 mpg. The towing capacity of the regular model is set to 5,000 pounds. But, the more powerful drivetrain should help the Explorer Hybrid to achieve a better result. According to some unofficial news from the company, this SUV will tow around 6,000 pounds. Yet, it’s still way behind the class-leading Dodge Durango and its 7,400 pounds rating.


2021 Ford Explorer Hybrid Price and Release Date

The arriving 2021 Ford Explorer Hybrid will surely come with a higher starting price. Still, the Explorer fits into the company plan to electrify most of the lineups. Furthermore, the early mentioned switch from rear to the front-wheel-drive configuration could take place, in order to fulfill the customer’s needs and aspirations.

The base model comes with an MSRP of around $33,000. So, expect the Ford Explorer Hybrid will cost over $40,000. The 2021 Ford Explorer Hybrid will be available before the end of the second quartal of 2020.

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