2021 Fisker Ocean

2021 Fisker Ocean EV Is the Main Rival to Tesla Model Y

One of the most interesting models for the next year is the upcoming 2021 Fisker Ocean EV. This chunky crossover caused a huge splash a couple of months ago after its reveal. Ocean is dubbed as “the world’s most sustainable vehicle” and it will provide over 300 miles of driving range. This model will directly rival Tesla Model Y in the years ahead.

Rivian is a California-based startup company and some huge brands such as Amazon and Ford already invested in Rivian. Ocean has been revealed at the beginning of the year and its sales should start later in 2020. The price will start at $40,000 or slightly below that and you can order a new Ocean in November.

2021 Fisker Ocean side

2021 Fisker Ocean Wears Recognizable Styling

The forthcoming 2021 Fisker Ocean EV will look like a traditional crossover-SUV. However, it will wear a more aggressive design with modern cues. Still, we are not looking in anything futuristic and strange. It looks chunky and we like the BMW-inspired wide-mouth grille upfront. The front fascia looks flat and it sits tall. The LED headlights are very thin and it looks great. The side profile is similar to the design that you can see on the current Range Rover Velar. Lower roofline that slopes towards the rear part is Range Rover’s recognizable styling cue.

Still, Ocean crossover looks unique, no doubt about it. The roof is actually a single-piece solar panel that fills the batteries. Thanks to that, a carbon footprint is minimal. Unlike Tesla’s “frunk” Fisker Ocean crossover will use that space for the air conditioning system. Thanks to that, storage room is smaller but the room inside the cabin is more generous. As for the rest of the exterior, flared wheel arches and sporty look are making Ocean EV a good-looking model.

2021 Fisker Ocean cabin

Fisker Uses Huge Solar Panel

The entire cabin is very sustainable and Fisker said it is a “vegan” interior. Moreover, the manufacturer said the cabin meets stringent chemical emissions limits. All of the surfaces and materials are made of recycled goods. That includes carpeting made from polyester fibers and used plastics. The 2021 Fisker Ocean EV will be recognizable thanks to its huge solar panel.

The cabin will look modern and it will feature a “California Mode.” It is a mode that lowers nine glass windows and it creates an open-air feel. Lastly, the rear hatch glass can be removed or dropped and you can store longer items thanks to that.

2021 Fisker Ocean Engine

For the start, these figures are not official. It is just what the manufacturer said and promised at the reveal of the 2021 Fisker Ocean EV. This all-electric SUV will use an 80kWh battery and Ocean will provide between 250 and 300 miles of driving range on a single charge. Fisker will also add two electric motors on each axle. Thanks to that, the four-wheel-drive setup will be offered as standard.

Right now, Tesla Model Y offers 280 miles of driving range. Moreover, this SUV sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds. According to Fisker, the Ocean SUV will have better figures once it arrives. More details will become available closer to the release date.

2021 Fisker Ocean rear

Price and Release Date

The new 2021 Fisker Ocean will start at $40,000 or slightly below. The price should be affordable, given the level of luxury and performance. The orders will starts on 27 November. Fisker will most likely release its first model ever at some point during 2021.

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