2021 Fisker Electric SUV Design

2021 Fisker Electric SUV Design, Range, and Price

One of the famous American automotive designers, Henrik Fisker, created a futuristic, visually attractive electric vehicle with elegant design and sophisticated shape. Fisker Inc. is planning to develop a vast lineup of affordable and technologically advanced cars. The first in line will be 2021 Fisker Electric SUV.

This luxurious model delivers striking design, elegant yet very tough, like one of the supercars from the past. Moreover, the cabin will provide equally the same high-level of quality and latest technologies. Under the hood will be two electric motors, one front and one in back. The lithium-ion battery pack will provide a total driving range of 300 miles. To conclude this introduction, the price of 2021 Fisker EV will be $40,000.


2021 Fisker Electric SUV Design

A couple of days ago, the official Fisker Twitter account post a couple of photos of the upcoming 2021 Fisker Electric SUV. We can see a few things, a close-packed block of buttons, possibly placed on the overhead console. We assume that were the sunroof controls and map lights will be located as well. Moreover, Twitter photos come with a short description. The caption tells us about the “first-in-class sunroof,” that’s never been used on an SUV. To clarify this, though, it means that the Fisker Electric SUV will be open without being a soft-top.

Henrik Fisker himself describes this design as “California-package.” The roof will probably be similar to the one on current Jeep Wrangler. So, expect to see a panel that can completely retract at the touch of a button. But, in Wrangler’s case, the roof is fabric, and Fisker’s SUV will use a hard ceiling.

Anyway, it will be exciting to see this roof in motion. The company will introduce future-forward technology as a crucial part of the overall design. For example, a tiny, center high-mounted radar behind the glass replaces the conventional grille. Besides, the large grille is not a necessary thing on the EVs these days.

Furthermore, a parametric pattern dominates the lowe front of the vehicle, where air cooling is delivered as needed. Also, the lowe body aerodynamics provide a more appealing design as well. The Fisker EVs cabin is very spacious, full of high-quality materials, and a modern aesthetic. The dashboard will include a sizeable heads-up display and exclusive, user-friendly interface which controls the latest in-vehicle technologies.


Engine Info

Fisker is planning to develop an extensive fleet of affordable, technologically advanced, and luxurious electric vehicles. The first model that goes into the production will be 2021 Fisker Electric SUV. Moreover, the EMotion luxury electric sedan will be presented to the audience shortly after the electric SUV. The top-line EMotion model will enter the markets when Fisker-patented Solid-State battery technology becomes ready for production.

On the other hand, the electric SUV will deliver the four-wheel-drive system with two electric motors, one at the front and one at the rear of the vehicle. Thanks to the improved +80kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the driving range will be approximately 300 miles. The Fisker company will provide more information and details when the EV comes close to the release date.


2021 Fisker Electric SUV Release Date and Price

The base 2021 Fisker Electric SUV will cost around $40,000. However, the final pricing, official release date, and more information about the drivable prototype will be revealed by the end of the year. At the same time, the Fisker developing a nationwide concierge service, to establish superior user and maintenance experience.

Fisker Inc. will begin with accepting orders and deposits shortly before the start of production. The company is currently working on a selection of a production facility in the United States.

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