2021 Dyson Electric Car Is Cancelled

2021 Dyson Electric Car Is Cancelled

2021 Dyson Electric Car was supposed to be the British champion in the EV class. The first operations regarding the production of electric vehicles began in 2017. The famous British investor proclaimed that he would invest a large sum into the research and producing of a battery EV. Also, the UK government approved around $20 million ( £ 16 million) as help in developing batteries and establishing its own unique electric fleet. The Dyson company stated back in 2018 that they are starting production of an all-electric vehicle in Singapore. The release date was set for 2021.

In the past, Asian and American companies have been dominating the segment. Dyson thought to boost Britain’s electric industry with the new project. Now, let’s go back to October of 2018. The company most famous for its bagless vacuums and hand dryers declared its plans of producing an electric vehicle in Singapore. This year, the well-known billionaire spent around $54 million ( £ 42 million ) on Singapore’s most expensive penthouse.

This penthouse supposed to be the headquarters of the electric business activity. The first models were planned for 2021, with China as the primary target market. But, a couple of days ago, Dyson announced that even though the model is “fantastic,” they can’t make it commercially viable. The chairman said that the product wasn’t a failure, or the team wasn’t good enough. Still, the immense of the project is too much at the moment for the company.

What Was The 2021 Dyson Electric Car Project?

2021 Dyson Electric Car project draws the attention of the automotive world with the teasers and production details. The Dyson, a well-established manufacturer of dryers and vacuums, announced two years ago the development of a completely electric vehicle, with solid-state battery technology, new motor, and innovative packaging. Besides, the company brought executives from Tesla and Aston Martin to this project, to provide the top-line engineers and personnel for the project.

Moreover, Dyson took solid-state battery tech company Sakti3, and then drop that technology for another one, built-in internally. The engineers work on brand-new motor technology as well, and everything suggested that their first vehicle will be similar to the Tesla Model X.

Earlier this year, James Dyson indicated that they would continue to expand facilities in the UK and Singapore that were linked to automotive production. Also. the majority of money from the research funds has been spent, and the Dyson said that the facilities would be used for some other projects. The rest of the investment will be redirected to developing new technologies – including electric batteries, robotics, and AI. Also, the Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology will probably be on the investments list.

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