2021 Byton K-Byte Release Date

2021 Byton K-Byte Concept, Engine, Release Date

The announced 2021 Byton K-Byte is a battery-powered sedan concept car. This vehicle is a part of the Chinese all-electric automotive company, established in 2017 by the former executives of BMW and Nissan. The main goal of the newly-formed company is to build cars for the age of shared mobility and autonomous driving. Also known as the Next Generation Smart Device.

In the recent period of time, the company presents the plan to launch three electric car models by 2020. The production of K-Byte will start after the M-Byte SUV comes to the markets in Europe and the US. These two will be built on the same platform, and share a couple of features and design cues.

Furthermore, the seven-seat MPV will be introduced shortly after. New vehicles will first be presented in China, then it will be available worldwide.
The 2021 Byton K-Byte will bring smooth exterior design and a lot of unique features.

One of the finest things you’ll see on this EV is a Sensor integration for autonomous driving in front and center. Moreover, the bow-shaped LiBow systems combine front and rear lidar sensors to provide a full view and panoramic scan of surroundings.

The arriving electric sedan will be available in all-wheel-, or in rear-wheel-drive setup. The maximum driving range will depend on the configuration. For the AWD the range is 323 miles, while the RWD provides around 250 miles. The total output-for the wheel-drive system will be 470 hp, and for the RWD 270 hp.


2021 Byton K-Byte Concept

The upcoming 2021 Byton K-Byte delivers a new era for all-electric vehicles. The vehicle incorporates sedan’s sleek design and latest technology, up to Level 4 of autonomous driving. The new model will definitely provide smooth, and stylish experience for each passenger.

The exterior design shows the carefully polished lines and curves. Moreover, the C-pillar design clearly takes its inspiration in architecture, with the elegant curve around the back. The drivers and the passengers will enjoy complete safety provided by the expanded windows and sunroof. That’s not all, the K-Byte comes with a very attractive front face.

The concept revealed upgraded Byton Smart Surfaces on both fascias, as well as the layout of light stripes. This way, these features create a deep 3D visual, while giving a complement sense of technology. Above the Smart Surfaces, you’ll find integrated taillights. This model value the elegant design and smooth ride above all.

So, the features like Byton Slide Guider provides state-of-art aerodynamics, while complementing the same style as the vehicle. In addition, the Byton LiBow system integrates front and back LiDAR sensors into the roof structure for full view and panoramic scan. This way the vehicle’s drive mode can communicate with its surroundings and take necessary data from it.

Also, the second-generation Smart Surface Concepts shows situational and interactive animated design, featuring the Byton connecting lines. On top of that, the LiGuard features with two retractable sensors light up to as communication signals to pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers.



Although the 2021 Byton K-Byte is still in the concept phase, we already have information about some specific features. So, we know that the vehicle will be assembled in China. The driving range will be around 323 miles. The K-Byte will use 95 kWh battery and electric motor with a permanent magnet. The total output for the all-wheel-drive system will be 470 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque.

However, acceleration is still unknown. The Byton K-Byte will be available in rear-wheel-drive variant as well. In that case, the driving range will be probably around 250 miles, and the AWD model will use a 71 kWh battery. Moreover, the engine will produce 270 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque.

The dimensions of the forthcoming K-Byte will be 194 inches length/ 76 inches wide/ 59 inches height. The wheelbase will be 118 inches long. 2021 K-Byte will be a sedan, so expect comfortable interior as well. But, for now, we don’t have any information about the actual cabin design and features.


2021 Byton K-Byte Release Date and Price

One thing we know for sure is that the Byton K-Byte will make a debut before the end of 2020, or in first quartal of 2021. The Chinese carmaker will introduce the M-Byte Suv model first. The production is set for the forth quartal of 2019. The sales will start by the end of the year in China.

After that, in the second half of 2020 it will come to Europe and North America. Therefore, the K-Byte will come after M-Byte. However, the company has not revealed the potentials price of the new model. We must look at similar EVs to figure out the cost.

For example, the Tesla Model S vehicles cost from $31,000 to $45,000, and the base Honda Clarity comes for $33,000. So, we assume that the 2021 Byton K-Byte will be in the middle of that price range. But, we must wait and see the additional equipment and packages, that will surely raise the price.

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