2021 BMW X1 PHEV

2021 BMW X1 PHEV First Look

The upcoming 2021 BMW X1 PHEV is ready for another exciting year so expect further updates. Many fans are hoping to see the third-gen model in 2021. X1 has been introduced in 2009 and the first generation lasted until 2015. That means the second-gen X1 will most likely carry for another year and third-gen X1 will go on sale in 2022.

It seems like we will be seeing another mid-cycle refreshment. 2021 BMW X1 PHEV is becoming the most popular variant also called “xDrive25e”. Interestingly, but a hybrid version is still not available in the US. So far, X1 is gaining its popularity in Europe but this baby crossover will most likely finally reach American soil later in 2020.

2021 BMW X1 PHEV rear logo

2021 BMW X1 PHEV Outside Design

The German manufacturer will continue with a familiar design. Moreover, we don’t expect any major changes in terms of styling. New 2021 BMW X1 PHEV will look just like the regular gasoline-powered version. That includes recognizable double-kidney grille and sharper headlights. However, the grille be will larger and it looks somewhat polarizing. The front bumper has been replaced last year so nothing will change in that department.

The new model will look slightly more aggressive thanks to new creases and larger openings. LED headlights and fog lights will stay intact in 2021. The rear part comes with a similar bumper and tinted taillights. The M Sport Package is also available and it provides an even more aggressive stance. BMW will look to deliver new exterior colors and possibly new wheel options.

Cabin Updates

The forthcoming 2021 BMW X1 PHEV continues with its two-row five-seat interior layout. Like every BMW, X1 is also a roomy and very comfortable SUV. Even the rear occupants can enjoy ample legroom which is a rarity nowadays. On top of that, X1 offers a sliding rear-seat option that costs an additional $300. This baby crossover looks sleek on the inside and it provides a premium feel. BMW provides a lot of soft-touch surfaces and high-quality materials.

The SensaTec fake-leather upholstery is standard on the base trim level. Of course, upper trim levels are a thing of luxury. In terms of changes, new X1 PHEV will retain current interior design. The only updates will happen in the technology department. That includes a new infotainment system and new driver-assistance aids.

2021 BMW X1 PHEV cabin

What Battery Capacity Has the New 2021 BMW X1 PHEV?

As we said, X1 SUV is available in Europe and is yet to make a breakthrough in the North American markets. European-Spec 2021 BMW X1 PHEV will deploy a 1.5-liter turbo-three engine and a rear-mounted electric motor. This motor provides an additional 95 hp so the total output has been rated at 220 horsepower.

According to BMW, hybrid version sprints from 0 to 62 mph in seven seconds flat. Moreover, top speed has been rated at 119 mph. This configuration means the PHEV version is using a standard AWD system. Moreover, a 9.7 kWh battery pack can power the vehicle for around 30 miles in the EV model.

2021 BMW X1 PHEV rear

Price and Release Date

While the regular X1 starts at $35,000, new 2021 BMW X1 PHEV will cost over $40,000. The German manufacturer will release its new xDriver25e version later in 2020 in Europe. However, the 2021 X1 could go on sale in the U.S. for the first time. More information will become available in the coming weeks.

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