2021 BMW iNext Concept

2021 BMW iNext – The Future of Electric Vehicles

The German automaker promotes the 2021 BMW iNext as a perfect example of the company’s future aspirations. More importantly, it refers to the long-established manufacturer’s transition into a completely new type of business model. The iNext is an excellent combination of distinctive style and fully autonomous EV technology, in a crossover SUV body.

BMW will introduce 25 electrified vehicles on the market by 2025. Moreover, half of them will be full EVs. The famous carmaker tends to develop technologies that will provide mobility, and related services as an expansion of its operating principles.

2021 iNext concept will show complete in-car integration from the company’s ACES strategy. The ACES stands for Autonomy, Connectivity, Electrification, and Services. To sum up this introduction, the release date and price are still unknown. But, BMW promises that the vehicle will be ready in the first quartal of 2021.


2021 BMW iNext Concept

The dimensions of the upcoming 2021 BMW iNext will be very similar to the current BMW X5. The concept shows the conventional hood, tall stance, and broad cabin with the additional storage behind the back seats. Sounds like modern-day crossovers, right? The company’s classic twin-kidney grille is taller and more open.

The insert is a panel with a textured layout, behind which sits radar units that enable the autonomous operation. The vehicle’s profile looks fantastic, while the window operating features resemble the front grille, but in a more horizontal way. The iNext comes with coach-style doors with B-pillarless ease of entry, and wing-mounted cameras are replaced with top-quality mirrors.

One of the main exterior design references is the BMW X7. That is most noticeable in the “Streamflow” window line, which will distinguish the model as an “i” vehicle.



The 2021 BMW iNext comes with a 2-row layout interior eye-catching design, high-quality surfaces, and very supportive seats. The front bucket seats look like lounge chairs and provide outstanding comfort for the driver and the shotgun passenger. Moreover, the wood-covered dash and the asymmetrical rear bench design ensure the upscale feel and support for the passengers in the back. The good amount of natural light comes into the cabin by a large sunroof. Also, the interior color palette is muted, to accentuate the relaxation and peaceful ambient.

One of the exclusive features build-in touches controls into the seat materials and wood accents as well. The driver can trace basic commands and control the audio system, sound levels, and other climate and entertainment functions. On top of that, BMW iNextt uses an intelligent projection, a feature that turns any surface in the cabin into an interactive display.

This vehicle is built to either be driven or operate autonomously. So, expect to see a dashboard with a retractable steering wheel and a driver-oriented instrument screen. Large center infotainment display, and two pedals inset into the floor are part of the interior as well.


To this day, the German automaker didn’t reveal any performance figures of the arriving 2021 BMW iNext. The all-electric BMW recently went through a winter testing program in Arjeplog, Sweden. The purpose of this testings is to evaluate the all-wheel-drive system behavior in cold conditions. In the same way, the company wanted to monitor the performance of the electric motor and battery in the same conditions.

The brand-new iNext will probably use the same platform as the premium four-door BMW i4. The electric coupe uses a 120 kWh battery, for a maximum driving range of 435 miles. But, the iNext is larger in dimensions. So, we expect that the driving range will be around 373 miles, at best. The iNext platform will be compatible with petrol, diesel, and PHEV vehicles as well.

Recently, the company announced its plan of producing 25 electrified models by 2025. Twelve of them will be a full EVs. Also, the Munich-based carmaker announced the co-develop electric motors partnership with Jaguar Land Rover.


Drive Modes

The 2021 BMW iNext includes two driving modes: Boost, and Ease. In Boost Mode the diver has full control. The steering wheel extends from the dashboard, and the infotainment displays looking towards the driver. The electric engine will be made to deliver, according to the company “highly dynamic and virtually silent driving experience with zero emissions”.

On the other hand, in Ease Mode the vehicle is capable of fully autonomous operation. The iNext will introduce a new intelligent personal assistant as a part of a standard connectivity package.

All you got to do is to say the phrase “Hey BMW” and the assistant switch on. The new model is integrated with BMW Connected concierge services, smart devices, and home networks as well.

2021 BMW iNext Release Date and Price

The release date of 2021 BMW iNext is still far away from us. We will probably wait until the first quartal of 2021 to see this EV on the streets. At least, the reports from the BMW’s headquarters shows that the development process is well underway. The starting price is still unknown as well.

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