2020 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Hybrid Concept

2020 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Hybrid – The Future is Now

You might ask yourself: What is a Fuel Cell Hybrid? And why I should buy it? The main advantage of these types of zero-emission vehicles is a similar driving range to gasoline ones. However, the lack of refueling infrastructure might be a significant drawback of the 2020 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Hybrid.

The company has sold over 10,000 units of the first-generation Mirai, from its debut back in 2015. Six thousand of that number were sold in the US, almost every single one in Hawaii or California. The reason for that is simple – there a significant number of refueling stations in these states.

2020 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Hybrid follows the path of Hyundai’s Nexo SUV, as well as the newest Honda’s Clarity fuel cell vehicle. The main idea is to establish a next-generation of fuel-cell cars soon.


2020 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Hybrid Concept

Toyota has revealed a production-ready Mirai Fuel Cell Hybrid for a brand-new electric vehicle. This concept will be dramatically different, with more attractive design language. In a way, it’s more like luxury Lexus than Prius-like vehicle. The company plans to upgrade this model into a premium sedan, both in design and feature-wise.

We expect the improved engine room, as well as the shift from FWD fo the company’s premium RWD platform. The Mirai concept will most likely borrow the underpins from the Lexus LS and LC models. Toyota will stay true to fuel-cell technology – a system that combines hydrogen with oxygen to create electricity and transmits only water vapor. The Japanese company firmly believes that fuel-cell cars are the future of the automotive industry, just like the hybrids.

New Platform

2020 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Hybrid will bring a striking design, thanks to numerous changes underneath the surface. One of the most noticeable improvement is the move to a rear-wheel-drive the previous front-wheel-drive. This switch allows the engineers and designers to make a longer sedan, which is lower and broader at the same time.

Moreover, the standard 20-inch wheels will provide a more aggressive look. Toyota claims that the new look is inspired by the company’s coupe models, while the striking blue comes from a multi-layer painting method.


Interior Design

Similar to the exterior of the upcoming 2020 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Hybrid, the cabin will see some changes as well. The interior design is cleaner, with the right amount of high-quality materials. Also, the new Mirai includes a digital rearview mirror, a 14-speaker JBL sound system, and a 12.3-inch display with navigation. The wheelbase is around 4-inches longer, and with a 114.9-inches, it’s almost the same length as Lexus ES.

On top of that, engine room changes will allow the Mirai to come with five seats instead of four. The arriving model offers a hint of futurism with premium tech features. However, most of the time, the premium stuff comes with a price. The current Mirai costs around $60K, but we expect that the new model will go over that mark.



The company didn’t provide a lot of information regarding the powertrain of the 2020 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Hybrid. But, according to the reports from the engineering department, it will be the refined fuel-cell system with more power. Also, the vehicle will be able to travel a 30 percent longer range. The current driving range is 312 miles.

As a result of the range increases, the sedan will be able to move up to 400 miles. Likewise, new Mirai will offer a larger hydrogen storage capacity. We will hold more info when the vehicle comes close to the release date. But, until that day we will try to scrap some useful news from all corners of the web.

2020 Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Hybrid Release Date and Price

We mentioned earlier that the starting price of Mirai Fuel Cell Hybrid will go over $60K mark. Still, with the additional packages and maybe optional interior equipment, the price can reach the $65,000 easily. The company won’t abandon this technology, that’s for sure.

Toyota strongly believes that fuel-cell vehicles have a future in the automotive world. Yet, we can’t say when the Mirai Fuel Cell Hybrid will be available. The first introduction to the Mirai Concept will happen over the weekend, on the 46th Tokyo Motor Show.

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