2020 Suzuki Baleno Hybrid Facelift

2020 Suzuki Baleno Hybrid Facelift, Price

It seems like the announced 2020 Suzuki Baleno Hybrid is another joint collaboration between Japanese automaker and Bosch. Or, maybe it is a standalone Bosch prototype? However, we must wait until the end of the calendar year to get some news and updates.

The hybrid model will have three drive modes, and one of them will allow the vehicle to run on electric power only. Moreover, the hybrid will add extra power to the 1.2-liter unit and excellent fuel efficiency. But, the company is planning to set the plant in Gujarat, India, together with Toshiba and Denso.

Also, let’s not forget its conjunction with Toyota for electric vehicles development. So, we can’t really tell if the Baleno Hybrid will get pa production model from Suzuki or some other company.


2020 Suzuki Baleno Hybrid Facelift

The upcoming 2020 Suzuki Baleno Hybrid looks like the older brother to the current Swift model. New Baleno Hybrid carries more mature and calm design language, with elegant lines that flow in a natural way. At the front, premium-looking fog lights and DRLs help the vehicle to establish noticeable style.

Also, the blackened-out windscreen surrounds make the roof to get some kind of floating effect. Moreover, there will be plenty of high-quality materials on the Baleno’s body. For example, the doors are not just hard plastic. You’ll find exceptionally thin and cool material, that can fold a bit when you push it.

Moreover, the grille will be more prominent and totally in black, with a chrome accent. The exterior of new Baleno Hybrid really got a thing or two to show and catch the attention of customers. But, the interior is what will truly impress.



Dimensions of 2020 Suzuki Baleno Hybrid are 157 inches length/68 inches wide. But, the clever interior design will give you all the comfort you need. Of course, this model is a hybrid, after all, so don’t expect generous cargo space like on the regular model. The headroom and legroom give a decent amount of space, and in the rear, there’s plenty of room even for adults.

However, don’t try to squeeze three adults back there, especially if you planning a long trip. The second-row seats have installed Isofix child seat anchorages, for the maximum safety of the young-ones. Baleno Hybrid comes very well equipped. The standard package includes the 3-spoke leather-covered steering wheel, with audio controls, cruise control, and hands-free phone control.

Furthermore, keyless push-button start system, Bluetooth, a 4-speaker audio system and pollen filter are included as well. On top of that, rear seats have 60/40-split single/folding option. The seat upholstery material is fabric, and in the center part of the dashboard, you’ll find a 5-inch Apple CarPlay/Android Auto-equipped touchscreen.

2020 Suzuki Baleno Hybrid Engine

Under the hood of forthcoming 2020 Suzuki Baleno Hybrid will be a 1.2-liter petrol engine, paired with a 48V hybrid motor. The petrol unit will be able to develop 105 hp at 6,000 rpm and 95 lb-ft of torque. That’s a pretty good result taking into account the small capacity of the engine. Furthermore, the upcoming Suzuki’s hybrid hatchback will have three driving modes: series hybrid, parallel hybrid, and all-electric.

In the first driving mode, the petrol powertrain act as a generator which powers the lithium-ion battery, that powers the electric motor. The parallel mod, however, joins forces of petrol unit and electric motor and power the wheels together. And, of course, there’s an all-electric mode that needs no further explanation. The recharging will depend on the power outlet. The all-electric driving range of the vehicle is around 17 miles.


Release Date and Price

The starting price of 2020 Suzuki Baleno Hybrid is still unknown. Taking into account that the upcoming Suzuki Swift will cost around $13,000, we can expect that the hybrid sibling will have higher, but the similar price. So, the price will probably stay in a range between $14,000-$17,000.

The release date of the new model is unknown as well. We assume that new Baleno will be first presented to the market in India later this year. Then it will go to Europe and the rest of the markets worldwide.

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