2020 BMW i5 Competition

2020 BMW i5 Price, Competition

The redesigned 2020 BMW i5 will offer a 4-cylinder gasoline engine, alongside two electric motors. This hybrid setup will provide enough power under the hood, and generally excellent overall performance. The exterior design will probably use the same Cluster Architecture, as the i9 model.

The lightweight construction will need less energy to move the vehicle, so the maneuverability of the new model will be improved as well. On top of that, the cabin will deliver good amount of high-quality materials, exclusive features, and the latest technology.


2020 BMW i5 Styling

The forthcoming 2020 BMW i5 will debut on the market shortly after the next-gen 5 series. So, the new model will probably have the same Cluster Architecture (CLAR). This modular platform allows BMW to apply it on numerous different-sized vehicles, with different types of engines. That includes hybrids, EVs, and smaller 3 series as well.

New 2020 i5 delivers similar design cues from Bimmer’s large three-box sedans. Moreover, you’ll definitely notice a little bit of i8 in that mixture. The exterior is a really unique piece of art. Taillights are beautifully designed, while four LED stripes add to the perfect balance of aggressive yet elegant style. Also, the smart aero-dynamic shape of the Bimmer increases the overall appearance and exterior beauty.


In the past few weeks, the income of news regarding the interior of 2020 BMW i5 is down to a minimum. Still, some reports from our sources could help to define the cabin design. Of course, we expect that the new BMW model will come fully loaded with the latest technology and gadgets. As with all models from the German company, high-quality materials are simply a must. The i5 won’t be an exception to that.

With that in mind, the new model could borrow a lot from the i9 model. So. expect plenty of synthetic leather and recycled plastic. The forthcoming i5 is a plug-in hybrid electric car. Naturally, there will be a lot of monitors, to keep an eye on fuel economy and the power.

As for the technical features, the engineering department will have plenty of time to develop something groundbreaking for the i5. For the infotainment system, the presence of a large digital display will be enough for all kind of information.



The famous carmaker was not too generous with the official facts about the engine room. According to the rumors from the company, the arriving 2020 BMW i5 will get a four-cylinder gasoline engine. On the other side, there will be a pair of electric motors.

The gasoline part of the equation will provide 245 hp and the front motor will contribute with additional 204 hp. Furthermore, the rear motor will produce 95 hp. Altogether, the total output will combine 544 hp and an 80-mile range on battery power alone. The 2020 i5 accelerates from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds.

The maximum speed will be around 120 mpg, and the driving range is 373 miles. The RWD is the standard drive system, and the customers will have an option of purchasing the Range Extender package. The charging time will depend on the trim level and power outlet, but the will take around 3 hours with 400V outlet.


2020 BMW i5 Release Date, Competition, and Price

At the moment, we don’t have the knowledge regarding the price of 2020 BMW i5. But, taking into account that the i3 starts at $43,000, the new model could only go above. However, the main competition, Tesla Model S costs around $70,000. So, we assume that the German company will star under that price.

The BMW i5 may get a starting price of around $55,000. The Model S is an all-electric car, with the power range from 380 hp 60 kWh to 692 hp on P85D version. The i5 comes with the gasoline generator as a back up the electric motors, while the Model S can travel only 208 to 253 miles on a single charge.

But, Tesla’s Supercharger network is getting better each year, and it will expand the vehicle’s distance. The release date of the new hybrid BMW is set for the end of 2020.

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