2020 Acura NSX Type R 650 HP

2020 Acura NSX Type R Goes Over 650HP?

Four years pass since the new-gen NSX debuted at the Detroit Motor Show. The automotive world was amazed by the performance and the overall capability of Acura’s supercar. Now, the brand-new 2020 Acura NSX Type R is ready to once again stun the fans and experts worldwide.

According to our sources, the new model comes with an outstanding amount of power under the hood. Some reports say that the NSX will go over 650 hp. Moreover, the company will improve the bodywork and aerodynamics of the vehicle.

One of the main reference points of these visual add-ons will be the NSX-GT racer. The price of the arriving NSX Type R will be close to the $200,000 mark.


2020 Acura NSX Type R Rumors

From time to time, we can hear certain rumors regarding the 2020 Acura NSX Type R model. Often they are based on the concepts shown on the web or just guesswork of the fans. But, now we have something more substantial, from eminent source. We can say that the company actually working on an improved version of the electric supercar.

The company will reveal the upcoming model by the end of the month. The perfect stage for that is the upcoming 46th Tokyo Motor Show. Moreover, the company report announces some of the technical specs as well. One of the most important improvements is in the engine room.

According to the source, the total output of NSX Type R will go over 650 hp. So, if that improvement, occurs the engine will produce an extra 77 hp over the regular NSX. However, the torque is still unknown. We assume that it will go over the current 476 lb-ft.


We know that the upcoming 2020 Acura NSX Type R will gain more power. But, it still unclear how is it going to happen. One of the solutions is to upgrade the twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6. The other one is to fiddle with three electric motors. Also, there’s a possibility that the ICE unit and the electric motor get some tweaks to extract more power.

In the same way, will Acura use the SH-AWD or some other different setup? If the NSX release two front electric motors, that leaves a 47 horsepower unit, and a V6 engine to make up the difference to 650 hp. Back in the days, the NSX GT3 put to use a rear-wheel-drive system, and discard the hybrid deal. Likewise, the 9-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is replaced by a 6-speed sequential gearcase.

Furthermore, the forthcoming NSX will get a stiffer suspension and larger ceramic carbon brakes, to match up with the stronger output. The bodywork gets a minor redesign. So, expect better aerodynamics. On top of that, the front splitter and rear wing are adapted from the NSX-GT model as well.


2020 Acura NSX Type R Release Date and Price

The regular Acura NSX comes with an MSRP of $157,500. Currently, it is the most expensive new vehicle built on US soil. The Mercedes-Maybach GLS is still more expensive, at $200,000 mark. But, the automotive industry experts predict that the 2020 Acura NSX Type R will come very close to that price. Maybe even go a little bit above 200K.

We expect that the Acura NSX will be presented on the first press day of the Tokyo Motor Show. If it’s going to be presented, the vehicle goes under Honda since the NSX is sold with the badge of the parent company.

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